5 Things You Didn’t Know About Quartz

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1. Quartz is NOT a natural stone countertop

Quartz countertops may look like a natural stone, but it is actually made with pieces of Quartz that are bonded together with a non-porous resin.  Quartz is considered a manufactured countertop.

Fun Fact: Because it is manufactured, Quartz is harder and can be molded into more difficult shapes.

2. They are only 97% Quartz

Though Quartz isn’t considered to be natural, it is made up of natural minerals. The average quartz countertop slab has 97% quartz minerals. The last 3% is the resin that keeps it all together

Some quartz even get more colors by using recycled products.

3. Quartz is the 2nd most abundant mineral on earth

The disadvantage of Granite to Quartz is it must be mined in specific locations where it can be found. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on the earth. This means that we have not even scratched the surface in the amount of Quartz is on earth.

4. Quartz > Granite

It’s true. Quartz has surpassed Granite in sustainability. Granite is still a good option, but Quartz is a great option. Quartz is 5x harder than granite, which means it pretty much can’t crack. Well, if you tried hard enough you could crack it, but just saying. The resin makes it so you never have to reseal anything. That means it is also stain proof. Low Maintenance with a high life span.

5. It’s made in the USA

A lot of Quartz is made here in the USA. Many other options for stone countertops are brought in from wherever they came from, but Quartz is made right here! Pretty cool right?

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