White Springs Granite

If you desire an open air, gourmet kitchen, look no further than White Springs Granite to suit your style.  With it’s overall bright appearance and bits of browns, blacks and the occasional rusty blotch, you can transform your tiny kitchen bathroom into an oasis of beauty and style with this amazing stone.

Uba Tuba Granite

    Uba Tuba granite is quarried in limited amounts in Brazil.  Although it appears uniformly black, upon close inspection, you will see that it is comprised of subtle contrasting colors.   Minerals fleck and sparkle throughout this dazzling stone, making it a terrific countertop for many decorating styles.  

Copper Silk Granite

Yummy deep colors swirl together to form this unusual granite.  Evenly distributed geometric patterns of dark and light shades of gold and grey with subtle hints of copper dispersed throughout are what make this granite so appealing .  Copper Silk Granite has the perfect subtle pop of color to bring out reds, browns and gold … Read more

New Venetian Gold Granite

Chocolate and charcoal accents course through inviting shades of cream in this spectacular granite.  All around useful for a modern kitchen or a rustic bath, this Venetian Gold Granite is sure to please.  

White Fantasy Granite

Rugged patterns of grey, white and black comprise this stunning granite.  Ideal for your outdoor kitchen, bathrooms or indoor kitchen.  A wonderful addition to any room.   It pairs nicely with many options, and especially with sleek, modern cabinetry.

Gran Perla Leather Granite

Gran Perla Leather Granite is quirky and interesting in it’s composition.  Mainly white and grey with pieces of black dotting occasionally.  This granite works well in modern bathrooms with light cabinets.  In the kitchen this stone if offset nicely with bright red cabinetry.

Blanco Spring

Make a statement with Blanco Spring in your kitchen.  With it’s subtle elegant mix of blacks and bright white and tiny specks of brown, this granite looks particularly great with either white or black cabinets.  It can be used in a country kitchen or a modern one.  In a bathroom it stands out and makes … Read more


Mottled and starkly contrasting hues of cream, grey, black and brown make up this extraordinary granite stone.  It looks different when you see it from afar than it does up close, giving it a stunning effect. In your bathroom it can serve as beautiful countertop or vanity or both.  In the kitchen it will go … Read more

Coffee Brown

This beautiful warm granite adds elegance and comfort to your home.  Shiny black cabinets pull out the black of the contrasting colors and oak cabinets bring out the browns.  If it is for your kitchen or bath, this granite is a superb choice.

Thinking About Whether or Not you Want Marble Countertops?

There is no question, marble is amazingly beautiful.  The vast colors and styles that range from subtle striations of the Carrera to the more dramatic look of brownish-grey Calcutta remind one of ancient Greece.  Marble ads an air of opulence like nothing else.  But, if you have begun the search for new countertops, you may … Read more