Thinking About Whether or Not you Want Marble Countertops?

There is no question, marble is amazingly beautiful.  The vast colors and styles that range from subtle striations of the Carrera to the more dramatic look of brownish-grey Calcutta remind one of ancient Greece.  Marble ads an air of opulence like nothing else.  But, if you have begun the search for new countertops, you may … Read more

How to Update Kitchen Countertops and Add Style

Is it time to upgrade your kitchen?  Are you ready to do something different?  Come to Artistic Marble & Granite for all your kitchen counter remodeling needs.  There are three different types of stone countertops that are the leading charge.  Each one of these choices make an instantaneous visual impact and because they withstand wear … Read more

Quartz Counters and Heat Tolerance

Many people gravitate toward granite and surfaces like it in their kitchen due to the fact that you can set a hot pan directly on the surface with out using a barrier and it will not hurt the countertop.  Have you ever wondered if quartz is able to handle this level of heat?   Even … Read more

Looking to make a statement with granite?

If you really want to make a statement in your kitchen, granite is a great way to go.  Countertops add a great deal of style and a “pop” of interest to any home.  There are so many to choose from, that  you can build the perfect creation to reflect your individual style.  Come to Artistic … Read more

Granite Kitchen Countertop Benefits

There are so many reasons why granite countertops still reign as one of the most popular forms of kitchen countertops today. The benefits of granite countertops make it the perfect material for your home, and it’s worth looking into if you are planning a new or remodeled kitchen. Nothing can beat having natural materials in … Read more

Kitchen Countertop Basics

Is it time for some improvements to your kitchen countertops? Whether that is upgrading your existing ones, creating an entirely new layout, or moving into a new home, there are so many options available in kitchen countertops that it can seem overwhelming.  After all, countertops are the foundation of any kitchen – the centerpiece of the busiest and … Read more

Artistic Marble & Granite Large Selection of Granite

Artistic Marble & Granite has one of the largest inventories of natural stone in Wichita, KS. Stop by our set up a free consultation to get your project started today! Regardless of if you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, no project is too small.

The Material Choice for Kitchen Counters is Still Natural Stone

Have you ever witnessed kitchen counters made out of recycled cardboard or bamboo? Interesting products to attract new customers are continually being made by innovators in the home improvement market. Some kitchen counters made of unusual materials have been made, as such. Traditional materials may be more affordable than these products, but it’s great to … Read more

Counter Top Buying Tips

When is the best time to pick out your countertops? Typically, the best time to pick out your countertops color and material is at the very start of the planning process. Most often, countertops are not only the centerpiece for a kitchen or bath remodel but are also where most of the investment is. However, … Read more