When is the best time to pick out your countertops?

Typically, the best time to pick out your countertops color and material is at the very start of the planning process. Most often, countertops are not only the centerpiece for a kitchen or bath remodel but are also where most of the investment is. However, if you have settled in on your countertops at the start, it is much easier to adjust for changes in cabinets, appliances, etc…


Your choice of material will most likely depend on your budget. But it can also depend on your lifestyle. Quartz for example, does not require maintenance and is non-porous and a more consistent surface feel. However, the appearance of quartz is much more uniform and does not posses the natural look of granite that many homeowners tend to like.

The thicker the better.

Let’s face it, no countertop is indestructible. You should go with countertops that are at the very least 3 centimeter in thickness. There is a 70% less likely chance of breakage over 2cm. That’s a big difference for just a small step up and it acts like a built in protection plan of your investment. A thicker countertop can also be visible pleasing & noticeable.

How does the company handle its material?

What capabilities the company has that handles your countertops is very important on many levels. If a company is hand cutting, there is much more labor involved and therefore billable labor hours and potential for inconsistent polishing or manual error. Mistakes can be minimal when a company machine cuts their stone and that means no set backs or added cost to your remodel. The other important side of this is options. With a machine a company can tailor your new countertop specifically how you want it from edge styles to sink cutouts.

How much of your countertop project will a company handle for you?

Did you consider who will haul off your old countertop? Who will do the plumbing? Who will do the other many things that go with just replacing counter-tops. It is best to find a company that can do these things. This saves you time and often speeds the process of the remodel along because they are communicating at a much faster level when it comes to moving on to the next step. From slab selection to actually using your new tops in a functional setting can often be done in 1 day with weeks of prep.