Many Wichita companies that sell granite countertops often give bids or estimates based on square feet. They claim that they have the lowest cost per square foot. This may be true but many find once the entire bill shows up or the on site estimate is done, there really is no discount at all. Artistic Marble and Granite quotes with accuracy the first time around. Below are some things to look for on your next countertop quote.

  • Quoting by square foot can vary by material and job and is the most ineffective and unfair way to quote to our customers.
    • Square foot quoting is a partial quote and is how a company gets in the door with a low bid only to reveal the actual cost after you’ve agreed.
  • Our quotes include options that may be left off the quote from other companies such as tear out, edges, faucet holes, and sink cutout.
  • Often times these “extra” charges can add 50% or more to the beginning quote and leave you stuck with an unexpected bill.
  • Because we are a digital shop, we have our pricing down to a science and what you see is an honest quote and above standard craftsmanship.
  • As a family owned business for over 40 years, we promise that the only surprise you will receive is how great your new countertops look.