Frequently Asked Questions

Our quotes are figured by the project utilizing a rough, measured sketch provided by you. The sketch doesn’t need to be pretty, it just needs to indicate sizes, walls, appliances, and where you want the sink placed. You don’t even need to have a color chosen yet as we can provide a quote to you based on a “Preferred” or higher series of stone and/or quartz. You will see the layout, sizes, rooms itemized, sinks, etc. in an easy to follow format. Your quote will show detailed information that will reflect the true price of the project.

Our quotes are figured by the project so when you get our price it will be all inclusive with your template, fabrication, cut outs, edges, installation, and even taxes. Providing all-inclusive quotes gives you the peace of mind to know that you won’t be surprised with a final bill that doesn’t match the approved quote.

Granite is mined from the ground, cut into slabs, and polished to a beautiful luster. Quartz countertop is a man-made material that incorporates small pieces of natural quartz (and occasionally other natural materials like granite) with resin and then poured into a mold and pressed into slabs.


Granite provides a more natural appearance with many color choices and options that allow for a lot of movement and veining or more of a “speckled” look to complement your aesthetic. Because it is a natural stone, there is a level of maintenance that needs to be performed. Once a year it is advised to reseal the surface of your countertops. While this sounds intimidating and time consuming, all that is really required is for you to spray the sealer on your countertop, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe it off … it’s really that easy. The benefit of using a stone for your countertop, though, is that you can chop your vegetables on it, then take your hot pan off the stove and place it directly on your countertop.

Quartz is a man-made material which allows for consistency in color and movement meaning there is little to no variation within each slab or even between slabs. Quartz is easy to maintain and is stain resistant. Because of the resins used in the production of quartz, it is not advised to put hot pans directly on the countertop.

Our templating process is done with a digital laser for exact measurements avoiding the errors associated with stick or manual measurements. A high-resolution picture is taken of the slab and uploaded with the digital template during the programming phase. This allows for exact nesting of two pieces showing veining, patterns, seams and other stone movement so that a seamless look is achieved. All of our stone is cut on a digital water jet saw which ensures complete accuracy, precision and superb use of material. After the stone is cut, it is ready for the CNC machine. Edges are shaped and polished by a set of multiple tools and polishers for a high-quality edge. Seams are also run on the CNC machine to produce an extremely tight seam where manual seams can sometimes leave a larger gap.

You can purchase your sink from us. We offer stainless steel and Blanco Silgranit options in 50/50, 60/40, or super single. Our sinks are competitively priced and the Blanco Silgranit comes in a choice of eight color options to complement your countertop. Please ask one of our representatives for information on providing your own sink.

Yes, we work with EnerBank USA to provide a 12 month no interest, same as cash financing option. Once you have made your selections and have a quote in hand you can contact EnerBank to apply for financing. Click here for details. You can find more info here.

We have 6 different edge profiles for you to choose from … half bullnose, demi bullnose, full bullnose, eased, beveled, or ogee. All of our edges are the same price so you can feel free to choose the edge that works for your aesthetic.

If you are considering installing granite, quartzite, or any other type of natural stone kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity, it is important to understand that pits and fissures are part of the stone’s natural structure and there may always be these tiny spaces in the deposits of mineral crystals that makes each slab unique … they are in no way a structural defect. Pitting is an intrinsic feature and part of the unique characteristics that make up each natural stone, and it bears repeating that their presence in no way impairs its durability or appearance. When any natural stone is polished, pitting and fissuring will inevitably occur. Most pitting and fissuring is so microscopic that people don’t even notice these irregularities. And for larger ones, they can be filled with an epoxy.

Carefully review the slabs that are available and understand that the natural pitting present on the surface is what distinguishes highly sought-after natural stone from man-made or manufactured material.

A popular surface for kitchen counter tops today is engineered stone. Engineered stone kitchen counter tops are extremely tough, easy to maintain, heat resistant and have a number of other beneficial properties. Engineered stone kitchen counter tops are made mainly from rock particles with a little resin and pigment added.

Engineered stone kitchen counter tops are becoming a very popular choice in today’s kitchen and provide many advantages. Firstly, they are very strong and durable which is often an important consideration in many kitchens. They are also easy to install and flexible. Engineered stone kitchen counter tops are resistant to scratches, heat and burns and are very easily maintained. You can also choose a color and style that best suits your kitchen from the more natural looking engineered stone to pastel shades.

Click here to quickly download a guide to quartz care and maintenance. Alternatively, you can click here to visit a website with in-depth on how to maintain and preserve your quartz.