Natural Stone Inventory

If you are considering installing granite, quartzite, or any other type of natural stone kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity, it is important to understand that pits and fissures are part of the stone’s natural structure and there may always be these tiny spaces in the deposits of mineral crystals that makes each slab unique … they are in no way a structural defect. Pitting is an intrinsic feature and part of the unique characteristics that make up each natural stone, and it bears repeating that their presence in no way impairs its durability or appearance. When any natural stone is polished, pitting and fissuring will inevitably occur. Most pitting and fissuring is so microscopic that people don’t even notice these irregularities. And for larger ones, they can be filled with an epoxy.

Carefully review the slabs that are available and understand that the natural pitting present on the surface is what distinguishes highly sought-after natural stone from man-made or manufactured material.