• Marble kitchen countertops do require some maintenance in order to maintain their original look, but the process is very simple and requires little effort.  Marble countertops have become very popular for contemporary kitchens.  Come see our many color choices to add the perfect touch to your new kitchen.
  • Quartz kitchen countertops are probably the most popular choice for kitchen counters.  Quartz is a sleek and precise stone that holds up to wear and tear.  Because quartz is a composite material,  there are  many different colors to choose from. Let us help you select the perfect quartz for you at Artistic Marble and Granite.
  • Granite kitchen countertops were once only affordable for people who were able to pay premium prices.  That is no longer the case.  And, because granite occurs naturally, each slab is unique, which adds character to your kitchen.  There are a myriad of styles and colors to choose from!  What is even better, is that the cost of granite has become affordable for just about any budget. Artistic Marble & Granite is here to assist in helping you achieve the look you want without breaking the bank.  Come see our inventory of slabs to choose the precise style and color what you want for your new kitchen.

Come see our selection and visit with our knowledgeable staff to get the perfect updated kitchen!  You won’t be disappointed.