If you really want to make a statement in your kitchen, granite is a great way to go.  Countertops add a great deal of style and a “pop” of interest to any home.  There are so many to choose from, that  you can build the perfect creation to reflect your individual style.  Come to Artistic Marble & Granite to see the possibilities. Our professional staff is here to help you create your masterpiece.

Due to the fact that granite is naturally occurring, each slab is different from any other. That also means that your selection of stone cannot be duplicated.  It will be unique to your home. The granite we stock is selected for it’s timelessness and classical elegance.   Adding granite to any home gives a luxurious and warm feeling.  Even though it looks expensive, this natural stone is quite affordable.  Granite is perfect for people who really use their kitchen countertops, because it is chip, heat and water-resistant.  It stands up to just about anything and maintains its new appearance throughout heavy usage.  Because we stock entire slabs of granite, you will know exactly what will be installed.  There will not be any unexpected surprises when it is installed.

If you prefer quartz, as many people do, we mix pigments in with the quartz flakes, polymers and resins to produce varying colors and styles.  Quartz is often described as “sleek” as well as “classy”. If want to jazz up your countertops, you can select a countertop with metallic pieces!  It really adds to the look of any room.  Quartz is durable and maintains it’s beauty and looks brand new even with daily use.  It is also stain-resistant, water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Come see us at Artistic Marble & Granite, and we can help you select the best option for you.  It will add elegance and style to your space.  Come by today.  We are here to help!