Many people gravitate toward granite and surfaces like it in their kitchen due to the fact that you can set a hot pan directly on the surface with out using a barrier and it will not hurt the countertop.  Have you ever wondered if quartz is able to handle this level of heat?   Even though quartz counters are considered to be heat resistant, too much heat can damage them.

Natural quartz by itself is quite heat resistant.  However, quartz we see in kitchens and bathrooms is a combination of quartz and resin.  The resin makes the highest temperature it can handle without a problem is 150 degrees.  Putting a pan directly on the counter from the stove will most likely mar the surface, so, be sure to use some type of heat resistant pad or a trivet.

Just because quartz is not as impervious to heat as other counter top choices, does not mean it is not an excellent choice for your kitchen or bathroom.  According to the Mohs hardness scale, quartz scores the same as granite.  Both quartz and granite score seven on this scale.  Scratch resistant means just that.  It is very difficult to scratch, but not impossible.  There is another drawback to quartz that mean it is not a great choice for outdoor kitchen.  Exposure to prolonged, direct sunlight can damage the surface.  BUT an advantage to quartz is that it does not require sealing as do marble and granite.  another advantage of quartz is that it is extremely resistant to stains.

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