Quartz is a type of material and is a nationally quarried product, which is the quartz, but it’s a man made polymer in factories, and it compresses and molds together. Through this process, they can control color tones and patterns. This is different from granite, which is basically what you cut out of the earth and clean up.  Quartz is popular because there are more options.

Another reason it is popular is it’s density. Quartz is dense, but the factory process creates a strong and almost impenetrable surface. This helps with things like stains.

Quartz also mimics many products that are almost banned from the kitchen because of their inability to resist against stains. This just makes quartz more valuable and convenient for kitchens everywhere.

So when you’re picking out quartz, pick out the one you truly like and looks the best. Quartz is a quality controlled product with many different looks. Whatever one you go with will be high in quality, stain resistant, and beautiful.