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We know there are a lot of options out there when it comes to researching and purchasing new quality granite. We have taken the time to lay out a few points that may make the difference between us and some others out there.

Price per Sq Ft

We choose not to price per square foot because that is misleading to the customer.   We quote per project so that an overall price is explained and itemized to the penny in great detail so there are not any surprises for the customer.  A customer would be surprised to know that quoting per project is extremely competitive if not more cost effective than the shops that quote a low entry price per square foot.  We do not charge for extras.  We feel it is misleading to quote a low price per square foot and then charge for add-ons.  It is confusing and misleading.  For example, I could tell everyone that asked that we start at $20/sq ft.  This sounds really good and would probably get most people to come by to get a project price.  By the time I can add extras for finished edges, cut outs, faucet holes, etc, the price has gone up significantly.  Another way to think about a company that charges for extras is doing the quick math.  If a kitchen is 40 sq ft and the “cheaper” company quotes per square foot but charges $150 for a single sink cut out, that is actual almost $4/more per sq ft for that single cut out.  It adds up fast so customers so asking for the pricing of add-ons is recommended so you get a true feel for the overall pricing.

Quoting System

Our quoting process is quick and itemized.  Quotes are received with detailed information to reflect a true price for the project.  Any extras are itemized and discussed.  Customers will see the layout, sizes, rooms itemized, colors, edges, sinks, etc is an easy to follow format.  There is not any guesswork or excel spread sheet to de-code.

Digital Template


Our templating process is done all digital.  Layouts and measurements can be shown right on Ipad to make sure customer is understanding of the layout or address any questions or concerns.  It is an exact measurement.


Slab Smith

This features allows for customer approval and revisions, if needed, of their actual slab and design before it fabricated. Any questions or concerns can be addressed at this time.  A high resolution digital picture is taken of the customer slab and the digital layout is applied showing veins, movement, sink location, seams etc.  This is highly important for colors that show waves or long veins.  We are able digital nest two pieces together so that it looks seamless.  Without this technology, others are guessing to match pattern.




Water Jet

All of our stone is cut on a digital water jet saw.  This ensures complete accuracy, precision and superb use of material.  This cutting machine can be the difference between a 1 slab kitchen verses a 2 slab kitchen.


After the material comes off the water jet, it is ready for the CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine.  Edges are polished by a set of multiple bits and polishers for a quality edge profile. Seams are ran on the CNC to allow the tightest seam possible and so tight that no manual seam can compare.  This is an important part of a digital shop verses a manual shop.  Manual seams can be very good but they really on labor and this can be inconsistent.